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Birkbeck and Southampton researchers pioneer new technology for pharmaceutical drug developmen for testing drugs will simplify the process and drive new research for the treatment of diseases such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and certain types of heart disease.

InnerCap Technologies, Inc., a drug delivery company, offers an advanced patent pending multi phased, multi compartmentalized capsular based delivery system. The system can be used to enhance the value and benefits of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. Utilizing two-piece hard shell capsules, the technology offers the industry solutions to problems affecting pharmaceutical companies, patients and healthcare providers. INNERCAP can fill a companies pipeline with a multitude of combination drug therapies.

3M Drug Delivery Systems introduces the 3M™ Nasal Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI), a no-drip method of nasal drug delivery designed to drive patient preference. This new nasal inhaler has been shown through research to be patient preferred, with its no-drip MDI system designed to eliminate the immediate nasal run-off and post-nasal drip that is common with aqueous sprays, thus minimizing aftertaste.  This combination of features gives pharmaceutical partners a novel and effective way to deliver inhaled corticosteroids for allergic rhinitis and other nasal treatments.

BD Biosciences, a segment of BD announced the creation of new dried reagents developed through a collaboration with ReaMetrix, a private biotechnology company based in Bangalore, India.  The new reagents, expected to be available in 2011, are developed for the BD FACSCount™ Flow Cytometry System, which is recognized as the system of choice for CD4 monitoring in global HIV/AIDS treatment programs because of its simplicity, robust performance and reliability.

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