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Merck appreciates the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) recognition of our efforts to create new standardized product packaging for several of our medicines (click here for link to news release from FDA). These changes to the packaging of several medicines were made by Merck as a result of comprehensive research conducted directly with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to understand how the company could help them to further support the accuracy of medication dispensing within the pharmacy.

Althea Technologies, Inc. announced that it has extended its service offering to include labeling, packaging, storage and distribution of drug and biological products through its co-marketing partner, Sherpa Clinical Packaging. Sherpa, founded in 2011, is located adjacent to the Althea’s clinical and commercial-scale biologics and drug product manufacturing facilities. The proximity of the facilities to one another simplifies supply chain logistics for clients of each organization. Additionally, the co-marketing agreement will provide Althea’s clients developing complex biologics products the option of producing, labeling and packaging of drug and biological products during a single campaign.

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